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rico1931rico1931 Posts: 273Member
Hi Everyone,

Trying to set up a trade partner to have automatic 860's update an existing 850 EDI sales order in our system... Question though... I usually follow the TEST BASIC EDI Trade Partner to set it all up and looking at their 860 document they us the NAV doc I_SLSORD... why use Import Sales Order instead of using the NAV U_SLSORD for Update Sales Order? Which should I use? When I copied theirs and used the I_SLSORD it just creates a new sales order

Just some insight would be helpful

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  • UntoldFableUntoldFable Posts: 1Member
    Hi Rico,

    You should use U_SLSORD for the 860. Probably just a mistake on their end.
  • rico1931rico1931 Posts: 273Member
    Thank you very much UntoldFable! Quick question.. have any clue how to link the External Doc No field to the sales order? We tried mapping it via the External Doc No but the link states that the Sales Order No doesn't exist! Like obviously because the customer is sending their PO number and not our sales order no... frustrating! We have the Nav Table Name as Sales Header and looking for the field name external_document_no. with the correct field length but nothing
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