Using "FindNodes" function from CU 6224

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hi everyone,
I'm having a small isuue using the "FindNodes" function.

I get an XML like this:


I have to get all the "depotCode" nodes in one list. I was firstly using

but I was loosing the node under "sortDepot". I tried to use

But of course, I don't get anything, because there are no ".." nodes.
Is there any way to map together all the nodes under "transitDepot" and "sortDepot" ? They should be toghether, becasue i have to take them in order...

Thnak you very much

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  • AitorEGAitorEG Posts: 228
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    Thank yoou,

    I've solved with


  • Slawek_GuzekSlawek_Guzek Posts: 1,444Member
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    Start from some online XPath checker, I'm using this one:

    Paster your XML in there, paste your selection XPath and see what's coming up

    There is a bunch of sample XPath expressions on the freeformatter site. They are helping with understanding the syntax and build more advanced selections
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