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webrisk21webrisk21 Member Posts: 4
Hello All

I'm new to Navision. Our company is trying to move to new Nav 2017.
I need some advise setting up the server.

One powerful with 64GB Ram, 4TB HD Raid10 install all in one (Windows 2016, Nav 2017 and SQL 2016) or separate the Nav 2017 and SQL 2016 with each server. (Physical or Virtual)

Which is better?

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  • JohnHunterJohnHunter Member Posts: 45
    you made me think, cores vs clock speed, ram latency vs frequency (ECC), HDD (obsolete?) vs SSD, raid (obsolete?) vs Gpfs/Zfs, multiple nav instances boxed vs virtual. Suspect the answer is "it depends".. wish i could tinker with it
  • webrisk21webrisk21 Member Posts: 4
    Now you make me think more.......ㅜ.ㅜ
  • JuhlJuhl Member Posts: 728
    How many users? Start there.
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