Biggest NAV implementations

annarannar Member Posts: 24

I am trying to find biggest NAV implementations that have been done in the last 10 years.

So far I got only confirmation that Nestle, Adidas and BASF are using NAV but no information of many users they have, which modules they are using etc.

I am starting to suspect that NAV is the only ERP out there that companies want to keep secret when they are using it. If I do the same research on SAP, there are official press releases with details and all.

So any information, including semi-reliable rumours are welcome.
Thak you!


  • saki82saki82 Member Posts: 3
    Adidas is using LS Retail, along with other big names (Nike, IKEA, Puma).
    But, these big players mostly use NAV for business units (like retail). Adidas for instance, does not use NAV as a WMS and im quite sure not for financials either.
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