What is your feed back about this tool "For NAV" http://fornav.com?

Mohamed_ZayedMohamed_Zayed Member Posts: 37
We are updating our system from NAV_2009 SP1 to Navision 2016 (CU 18). We already upgraded all tables,forms,Code units objects to 2016 object standard.
Now our next step is that we have almost 240 reports which need to be converted from NAV_2009 to NAV_2016 RDLC report design. One of my friends told us that this tool "ForNav" could do the job.
My only problem with this tool is that when I convert my report from 2009 to 2016, If i want to design the new report (which is converted from 2009 to 2016 through ForNav tool) it will open the report in a design layout which is similar to 2009 (ex: Header, Section...).
The question what do your (Navision Developers & Project Managers) recommend? Should we use this tool? or Should we develop the reports our self using the RDLC designer?
our deadline is this December 2017.


  • EvREvR Member Posts: 178
    I've never used fornav, but I know https://document-creator converts classic reports.
    It uses a proven report engine. Check the website.
  • DolshaDolsha Member Posts: 41
    EvR wrote: »
    I've never used fornav, but I know https://document-creator converts classic reports.
    It uses a proven report engine. Check the website.

    What about cost of Document Creator? I'll can't found that information on website.

    P.S. I'll update reports from 2009 to 201x without any add-on's. But if that work i want to try=)
  • krishnamkkrishnamk Member Posts: 27
    Document creator - Prices are very high. we can develop ourself with same effort
  • Mohamed_ZayedMohamed_Zayed Member Posts: 37
    Thanks all, Still it would be really helpful if anyone else share with us his story with ForNav. other developers which i know say its good. but still before i convert 240 reports with it I would like to be sure 100% that its worth it.
  • MortenKSMortenKS Member Posts: 7
    Hello Mohamed,
    I would like to give you some feedback on the ForNAV products.

    The ForNAV products (converter and designer) are good products if you ask me. I

    have so far used them on a limited number of customers but I will be using the on many more.

    I have been testing the product for a while now (both the converter and the report designer) and I am impressed.

    The products are easy to setup and use.

    The best way forward for you would be to pick a couple of reports (the advanced ones) and try to convert them and then customize the reports in the designer. Once you are done you might have a better idear of if this is the way forward for you.

    Also the ForNAV support are really helpfull in answering your question or helping with a specific problem.

    I do hope this helps a bit.

    Best regards
  • Mohamed_ZayedMohamed_Zayed Member Posts: 37
    edited 2017-05-05
    Have to say that ForNav tools is amazing in terms of Reports converting :) from NAV_2009 to NAV_2016 !!!

    Thanks all
  • c.bakkerc.bakker Member Posts: 13
    I would like to state here that Document Creator is not very cheap indeed, but when using it for multiple customers it is less costly than for example ForNav. The Document Creator report Designer (based on FastReports) is a real time saver with even more possibilities than RDLC.

    Instead of charging the customer with a load of (RDLC) development hours you can sell your own Document Creator report templates and tweak with huge possibilities against minimal effort.
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