Do anyone know how to add a RecordLink using OData?

jeqdevjeqdev Member Posts: 8

I am exposing a standard NAV page as an Odata web service in NAV, Page 51 - Purchase Header. I have a .NET application that consumes that web service and is able to create the purchase invoice with its related lines.

I would like to create a URL link (record link, type: link) in that purchase invoice using the OData web service. I know I can do it by creating a new SOAP web service or triggering some kind of event in the Purchase Invoice page. However, I have a requirement of not creating/modifying any NAV objects, so I am only allowed to use standard NAV functionality.

I would appreciate if anyone could help me on the following questions:
  1. How I could create a URL link and relate it to a Purchase Order using OData web services.
  2. Could I reuse any standard mechanism to create this link without modifying any objects in my NAV system?

Many thanks.


  • archer89archer89 ViennaMember Posts: 337
    add a function to the page which calls record.addlink.
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    Franz Kalchmair, MVP
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  • jeqdevjeqdev Member Posts: 8
    Hi @archer89,

    Thanks for your reply. I know that it can be done by creating a new function in the page. However, I am not allowed to modify the page itself. Do you know another way of doing that without the need to modify any standard NAV objects please?
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