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Good day all

I am joining Navision tables to get a certain result

firstly I am analyzing the values in the value entry table for a specific customer in NAV vs my OLAP Cube report and the values do match , my analysis will be done in Tableau later.

So in order for me to get the Sales Invoice Line and Sales Cr_Memo data together I have inserted the data from both tables into one SQL table. Then I took the customer table and Value entry table to join to the new table I have created , however my query runs very long , how can I optimize the query to run faster in less time

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  • kylehardinkylehardin Member Posts: 257
    Rather than creating a new SQL table that has the combined results of invoice line and cr memo line, why not use a regular SQL join? You can either do it with a select statement, or you can create a SQL view that does the join for you.
    Kyle Hardin - ArcherPoint
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