I am new to CRM and need help on Installation Error

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Hi everyone,

I am installing CRM 4.0 on Small Business Server 2003 Premium Edition and towards the end of the installation, the diagnostic wizard is showing me this error: "Index was outside the bounds of the array". I cannot continue with the installation because of this error as the 'Next' button is grayed. I have tried several things to correct this error but to no avail.

Does anyone has a clue to this problem? I will really appreciate any help on this as it is taking much of my time.

You can find attached the Diagnostic Wizard for more details. The highlighted line is the error message. Thanks in Advance.



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    Hello, ofegran
    Did you decide you problem? May be it's beter to try new crm system? Our marketing company is the leading one now and recently, we started using in CRM-system BPM'online https://bpmonline.com/, we all are satisfied and interested. BPM'online have many good features as the copying of contacts from excel, It is also modern and easy to work with. One of the main feature for the system is the most progressive standard for process modeling:BPMN. Everyone like to comment on any record in the system - we can discuss with co-workers or fix your sales agrements, all our process will be saved. And the system is outsdandin by allowing us run the process after desigining without wriring a code.
    Wish you all the sucsess and dont face with problems like that
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