Resolving error "No primary key error for table in SQL Desc"

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Could some please help me in resolving the error "The Pay Journal Line table has no primary key constraint in the SQL Server table description."

I am getting this error after running the sp_removedbreplication even though there were no replication was done but i was getting error messages for publications and subscriptions of articles. So i removed them using sp_removedbreplicaton so that i can alter the objects of navision.

But after that i am facing the above mentioned error.

Could someone please help me in resolving this.

Thanks heaps in advance.



  • chanderchander Member Posts: 12
    Could someone help me out on this issue.
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    It would help if you post in the correct forum.
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    what is the PK for the table? did you change it from sql by any chance? I suggest to drop the table and delete the object record from NAV and reimport the object (fob) back to recreate the table.
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    I am working in Nav 2013 and the above did not work for me. What I did was open the SQL Server Management Studio, find table that was in my error message, Expand it, clicked Columns and Right-click the field I wanted to set as the primary Key and choose it from the drop down list.
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