Navision on iPhone?

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After Apple has anounced to integrate Microsoft ActiveSync in order to support Exchange server and Push email, I believe that the iPhone is getting more and more popular as a business Smartphone.

In many projects I experienced that a big question is always the availabilty of data for Sales People, Engineer or Consultants working in the field. Of course they could use their Notebook but this is not very practical and takes too much time to get connected to a Navision database. Also a local copy the database does not really make sense.

So I had an idea: would it be possible to develop a Navision "client" for the iPhone? The iPhone is very easy to use, has a great touchscreen with accelerometer and supports WLAN and EDGE.

What do you think about this idea? Is it technically possible? Are there any market opporunities? I would love it to work with Navision on my iPhone :D

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    cyberscout wrote:
    Is it technically possible?
    Yes, it is possible.
    Think about the Employee Portal... Create optimized web pages for mobile devices (with small displays) and you can access Navision over the web.
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    The question is: what would you like to do on your iPhone?
    With NAV2009 - a whole range of opportunities come available in a rather simple way ...

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    Yeah with NAV2009 it'll be limitless, as long as you can consume a webservice with an iPhone, which I assume you can.
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    Well - I would be really disappointed when it can't :-s

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    Waldo wrote:
    The question is: what would you like to do on your iPhone?
    With NAV2009 - a whole range of opportunities come available in a rather simple way ...

    Seen the Enterprise Features on the iPhone with the oncoming 2.0 SDK upgrade ?
    Makes clearly sense :)
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    I am in the process on developing a NAV client for the iPhone, curious to see if there was anyone else working on this I googled it and found this thread.

    It's still in the early stages (consuming a web service in iPhone SDK is no mean feat...) but I am working on a sales based app, initially enquiry only, but moving onto data entry that will allow:

    - Contact lookup
    - Customer lookup
    - Item lookup with stock balances and maybe sales prices as well
    - Sales statistics
    - Sales order processing
    - Contact/Customer addition
    - With the recent addition of push notifications in iPhone PS 3.0 I thought about pushing information out to users as well though not too sure what yet...
    - Some integration into maps - tbc

    Still trying to consider the best way of handling the data; whether to download all the customer/stock data as an initial synchronization with periodic updates as information is changed at the DB end. Some of my clients have a huge stock file so the initial sync could be large (so i'm thinking of restricting this to WiFi only and then further updates by GPRS/EDGE/3G).

    Distribution of the app is the only issue I see really, it can't be a standalone app like others in the App Store as it will be dependent on a published web service from NAV and so since its not standalone I see distribution via the source code requiring customers to buy an iPhone developer subscription.

    Also thinking of trying to make it generic enough to working AX too.

    If anyone has any suggestions, feedback or would like me to post updates then let me know and I can keep it going on a blog post.
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    make sure you read this post on authentication with nav 2009 web service


    Also need to read on CDO licensing.
    Ahmed Rashed Amini
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    We have an offering that work with iPhone, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile. It is not in my specific area, so I can not give a lot of details.
    Our name for it is Qiwi (Comes from Chinese.) Our original name iNav was not original enough.
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    Do you have more info on this? An URL? Screenshots? :)

    Eric Wauters
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    Qiwi - initial design file?
    I wonder if it is finished yet.
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    All. Please be aware that we are currently developing the Qiwi product mentioned above. The product will allow you to run Dynamics NAV or Navision on iPhone, Blackberry and Windows Mobile. The product is also prepared to support AX, SL and GP. The product goes beta next week with a couple of beta customer and we expect to have a release by July 2009.
    The product is flexible and will allow you to create any application you need (not just sales, purchase etc). It will take any table and field and make it available in a user friendly interface.
    Please contact us at [email protected] for any additional information.

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    Qiwi solution has been released. Dynamics NAV can run not only on iPhone but also on BlackBerry and Windows Mobile. You may check its website
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    Run Navision on iPhone. We have just released the iPhone App called Qiwi Mobile on the Apple App Store ( and

    We are looking for resellers and system integrators. Please read more on

    Carsten Howitz
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    Today GOB offers an iPhone App called unitop mobile to demonstrate data from Cronus W1 NAV 2009 Database. It depends on WebServices and a ProxyManager in the background ....
    kind regards
    A. Loermann
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    Just had 2 NAV related iPhone apps approved and on the iTunes App Store. No changes to the NAV server needed (changed objects, code unit, proxy, etc...). One is a free app whose purpose is to test your connection to NAV web services. You can find them on the iTunes app Store by searching for NAV Widgets
    Wm. Matthew Street (Matt)
  • Nils_PeemöllerNils_Peemöller Member Posts: 11
    Anveo Mobile provides an app builder for iPhone, iPad and Android devices - see url here with some videos:
    You can set-up your own app in Navision Classic Client (2009) or Dynamics NAV RTC/Windows Client (2013).

    Nils Peemöller
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    Anveo Mobile and Anveo Web Portals for Microsoft Dynamics NAV
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