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Hi all,

We are getting an error telling us that the Evaluation Period for SQL has Expired, so the Management studio will not open and we cannot restart services. As a quick workaround we can set the server date a few days back but it's not a solution.

Our NAV license includes an SQL Runtime license, and it has been uploaded to the server (not 'Save in database' as the license does not include the per-database license module).

Shouldn't SQL automatically use the runtime license included in NAV, and thereby upgrade to the Standard edition? Why is it still in evaluation mode and expiring?



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    The NAV license have nothing with SQL license (serial no.). It just tells that you have bought the runtime license. But the partner from which you have bought it must provide you the SQL serial key you can use. It could be ordered together with installation media for the SQL (few bucks) or they should provide you just the serial key. Right now, you have installed trial version of the SQL and you have not licenses it, thus it expired. Nothing connected to NAV license... SQL do not know anything about the NAV license, it is just "some data" stored in table...
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