NAV Tab definition in SQL

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simple question :-) Is it a possible find NAV Table definition direct from SQL. Concretely I mean Fields Name, Fields ID (maybe Type, Description, Relation.. or other)

I have just written simple app in C# and I'm reading this data from an exported table (txt file). But this is not dynamical at changes in NAV. :/

Thanks for info ;)


  • ShedmanShedman Member Posts: 194
    Maybe via the Object and Field tables?
  • drstakzdrstakz Member Posts: 30
    hmm.. for NAV 2013 I found this link ... revisited/

    So I can read tables definition direct from SQL for NAV2013, but it's not possible for NAV 2009, because 2009 has different compress method for BLOB. :/

    Table definition is in SQL in table "Object Metadata"
  • ajayjainajayjain Member Posts: 119
    SELECT obj.object_id, as Table_Name, as Column_Name
    FROM sys.objects as obj,sys.columns as Cols
    obj.object_id = Cols.object_id
    AND'CRONUS UK Ltd_$Acc_ Schedule Line'
    Ajay Jain
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