SQL Security with NAV 2013

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I was searching for information about this topic, with no success...

As far as I know, NAV 2013 does not use xp_ndo.dll and the $ndo$shadow application role anymore. Are there information and/or web links available on how security is done on sql server side in NAV 2013?

Thx in advance


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    1) they are not needed anymore \:D/
    2) I don't have any links for it but..
    3) I can explain in short:

    The development environment works as before : each user needs access to the NAV-SQL DB to be able to work

    The RTC clients connect to the service tier and the service tier decides what the user can do depending on his security settings in the NAV DB (NOT the SQL server security settings!). This works +- like the security on the native NAV database.
    Once the service tier decides the user may do certain things, the service tier sends it to the SQL Server USING THE CREDENTIALS OF THE SERVICETIER and NOT the credentials of the user.
    The positive is that security in SQL server has become a lot easier...

    ...but the negative is that in SQL you don't see any-more each client connection, but only 1 connection that is the servicetier. This makes SQL tracing (or Extended Event tracing) more difficult (there are some blog posts on this).
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    Hi Alain
    Thanks for clarification!
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