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    kriki wrote:
    That customer has now 23M of ILE (after 2 years)

    Is that 23M for One item? Or is that total ILE? Again I am really curious how long it takes to adjust that one item.
    It's total ILE with around 400,000 records for the item with most records, so the distribution is quite good.
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    I tought it would be nice to update you about my lovely ILE:
    the pattern of the serial number item ledger entries is (let's start with the serial no. already loaded in our location). all quantities are -1 or +1.
    a. transfer from our location
    b. transfer to in transit location
    c. sale from in transit location
    d. positive adjustment to our location
    REPEAT the process "n" times per year (depending on setup data), without a defined frequency.
    as you can see, a new table to store the data is useless because the ILE are not groupable. :(
    ps: as expected, the adjust cost crashed due to the 2gb limit...but i've to ask if i left out some parameter to set at run time...dunno...i'm a bit afraid about this, indeed...
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    do they sell the bottles or rent them?
    David Singleton
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    they sell cylinders full of gas and then they get them back when emptied.
    you know, the package costs more than the item in it :lol:
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  • davmac1davmac1 Member Posts: 1,279
    Maybe you need to redesign the process.
    How about changin the item number for the most heavily sold item every month?
    You could still keep stats using the item category.
    Not ideal, but you would dramatically reducethe item ledger entries etc. for a single item number.
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