Nav Crm Connector Maping Error

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[NAV Salespeople/Purchasers to ERP System User] has encountered an error while processing key [{4E7660A2-425D-464E-A825-D3D976788271}Salesperson/Purchaser: LM].
The entity with a name = 'dynamics_erpsystemuser' was not found in the MetadataCache.

I am getting this error when i use the Connector to connect CRM and Nav R2 .

Thanks In advance


  • ashrafcbzashrafcbz Member Posts: 10
    Any ideaa
  • ChristChrist Member Posts: 24
    Are you sure that the connection is made correctly?
  • SmallsSmalls Member Posts: 5
    When using the default Maps you should activate them in the following order:

    1. NAV Enumerated Values to Picklist
    2. NAV Currency Exchange Rates to Currency
    3. NAV Units of Measure to Unit Group
    4. NAV Salespeople/Purchasers to ERP System User
    5. NAV Customer Card to Account
    6. NAV Contact Card to Contact
    7. NAV Item Card to Product
    8. NAV Resource List to Product
    9. NAV Sales Order to Order
    10. NAV Sales Invoice to Invoice
    11. NAV Posted Sales Invoice to Invoice

    This will avoid any data discrepencies - if your still getting the error after then please post more info, about your setup etc and I'll see if I can help more; I have it running seemlesly now I followed the steps above
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