FIFO costing

Lars_WestmanLars_Westman Member Posts: 116
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Hi all!

Anybody who has sucessfully implemented a solution to get rid of the batch for calculation inventory cost?

It should be pretty easy to do the calculation when posting item jnl.lines, but before we start coding I might as well ask if someone else done it before.


//Lars Westman


  • dbdb Member Posts: 82
    I'm involved in this about couple weeks ago & still in this. It's true not hard to change code for true costing model, but there some problems. One problem is returns, that cost it can take? Second selling goods that we don't have. In this cases we need recalculate costs. I work in similar solution, but it takes manufacturing. Because our customer is receiving part of manufacturing cost once in mounth, they need more smart solution.
  • Lars_WestmanLars_Westman Member Posts: 116
    Hi db

    The problem with unit cost for returns exist in standard Navision as well. You don't know the exact unit cost because You might not have recieved the purchase invoice.
  • dbdb Member Posts: 82
    It's true, but It can be known then purchased. Average cost can be possible way to solve noted problems. It can be taken serously for calculations, but it can give benefit.

    I don't think that NF are in the wrong way, but they was not implemented all abilities. Did to implement base functions & leave some job for NCS is not NF style ?
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