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A customer of ours had this question. I couldn't find anything on if this is possible or not.

In the Service activity associated view, when Due is set to All and Type is Service Activity, and the View is set as either my service activity or all service activities. No matter which of the two you choose, when the search is complete; A list of all past service activities (including all closed activities) are displayed. Is this customizable? Is it a technical problem? It doesn't make since as to why every activity would be displayed, this can become a very long list over time. Thanks for any help you can provide.

I did find that if they choose All Service Activities, it will show every activity, even closed ones. Is it supposed to show the same if they choose My Service Activity? (all of their closed and open)

Can they change that in any way?


  • abhishekddivekarabhishekddivekar Member Posts: 9

    This is not a technical problem. and this all views are customizable. by default it display "All activities" but
    if you want see particular activities then you can used different filters. or you can customize or create new view
    under activities.
    actually which activities you want to display?
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