sabzamsabzam Member Posts: 1,149
edited 2009-11-13 in Dynamics CRM
Is it possible to create a new field into the CRM and upload a pic? What kind of field should it be?


  • vijay_gvijay_g Member Posts: 883
    As far as my knowledge
    i think there will be a field with BLOB data type so with it you can use or upload a pic...
  • BruceSmithBruceSmith Member Posts: 3
    Hi Sabzam,
    I am making the website on CRM in JSP as a project in my curriculum. The option of including the pics is common in all the sites now a days. The field depends on the database engine you had taken. I am using MYSQL and it has the field name BLOB. Friend Vijay Gupta is absolutely correct. I don't have idea about the other database engine.
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