"My notifications" not appearing on Role Centre

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I have created a new role centre page which looks like this -
[size=85]Name	Caption	Type	SubType	SourceExpr
<Control1000000000>	<Control1000000000>	Container	RoleCenterArea	
  <Control1000000008>	Counts	Group	CueGroup	
    <Control1000000007>	Stock Integrity	Part		
    <Control1000000006>	New Product Status	Part		
  <Control1000000010>	Sales By Group	Group	Group	
    <Control1000000003>	Sales Chart	Part		
  <Control1000000005>	SystemParts	Group	Group	
    <Control1000000001>	Notes	Part		
  <Control1000000002>	Notifications	Part		[/size]

The odd thing is that when you run the RTC, you don't get the choice to show/hide the system parts.
Has anybody else seen this problem?



  • TroelshTroelsh Posts: 79Member, Microsoft Employee
    :bug: Although we allow you to add more than two groups in the designer - we do not show more than the first to in "customize this page"
    :bug: Subtype "Cuegroup" is not supported either on the rolecenter - this will also cause you problems

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