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Hi there again,

since you helped me through this once, I got a lot of additional know how. But the best is that I now know for sure that there is in fact an upgrade toolkit from 3.xx blue to 2.60 Financials. It consists of a report for the blue version and a couple of reports and codeunits for Financials. Meanwhile I also found a manual which describes this package in nearly 500 pages. So I am looking for this toolkit, but I cannot find it anywhere.

Does anybody have this kit? German version is preferred but any other is accepted as well. Thanks for your help!



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    Do you make it right, it works too!
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    Depending on the country, this conversion kit was only available with versions 1.1, 1.2 or 1.3.
    David Singleton
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    Meanwhile I also found a manual which describes this package in nearly 500 pages. So I am looking for this toolkit, but I cannot find it anywhere.

    This tool was mainly involved in converting code. It basically exported the Code in the text format of Financials where you could then import and compile. In reality though it was pretty rare to use it, generally it was easier just to manually apply the code changes. In any case you had to do a code merge afterward.
    David Singleton
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    Meanwhile I got this package from a former colleague. What this package does, is first to test the DOS-version if it has the right version to be converted. Then a backup of the DOS-Version is imported into a 2.60 finacials database. Now you can use the conversion package to create a 2.60 version where everything will be in place since the tool moves all the fields to the proper position and all new fields and tables will be created.

    I would say that you may save about 1 day of work with every company. The code cannot be manipulated with this tool at all, but I do not think that is really necessary since after such a long time it seems better to rebuild the application itself from the scratch.

    Tnx again

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    I and another developer wrote this tool back in 1994 and the main purpose was to convert the DOS app to v1 of the windows app

    As David wrote there was almost no uptake from the partners who prefered to do the changes manually based on deltas

    If I remember correctly the tool will only give you a v1 and not a V2.6 of the application

    For NAV 2009 we succesfully upgraded a DOS customer to 2009 by applying the changes manually to the 2009 application and I would suggest that you do the same (2.60 was a great release - but a lot has happend since then)
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    "Michael wrote:
    "][...] (2.60 was a great release - but a lot has happend since then)
    Great quote Michael. That says it all ;-)
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    Thanks a lot to all.

    It was really a DOS to 2.6 package, and there also exists a printed manual with more than 400 pages for resp. with this package.

    I did this conversion and continued upgrading to 4.0 SP3 and further to 2009. It works perfekt.

    Before the first conversion you have to setup the 2.60 version. The results of all the steps depend on the quality of this setup. So I would definitely go this way again.

  • Michael_Nielsen_[MSFT]Michael_Nielsen_[MSFT] CopenhagenMember Posts: 47
    Hi Rainer

    Thanks for refreshing our memory

    I just dug out the tool from our depot and you are 100% correct that it converts DOS to 2.60
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  • Dirk_GruenhagenDirk_Gruenhagen Member Posts: 1
    Hello Rainer,

    I now have the same job to do as you did last year.
    My company (producer of metal facades) works with the accounting department and with two branches still on Navision-blue (3.56A EUR), but is now going to migrate to Dynamics Nav2009.

    My team and me develop in and for this company on Navision blue since 1997 and on Financials since 2000, so we have experience on both systems. Our NSC has no experience in Navision blue, so this part will be our own part in the migration

    You wrote that there is documentation-material and a migration-package somewhere in this world. Would you be so kind to tell me, where I can get this package and the documentation? Our NSC says that there is no hint in the MS-partnersource-site about this. There is only the possibility to download the old navision blue install discs. This is not necessary or us.

    This will prevent us from programming many migration-tools on our own.

    Thank you in advance and best wishes from Cologne

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    Hello Dirk,

    of course we will find the solution how to do it. We had a contact through another forum, meanwhile.

    If anybody else wants this package please send me a PM. I don't want any abuse in context with this package, so I won't publish it in public.

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    It seems you are talking about another tool than that I was using. I only could convert data (but this was done very well) but no line of code.

    My last upgrade from 3.56 runs now very well under the role tailored client.
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