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I think I understand the purpose of the new tables (2000000071 through 2000000079), but I'm hoping I can get some answers to a few questions.

2000000071 - Object MetaData
2000000079 - Object Tracking

These tables get filled in when objects are compiled and I'm assuming they're storing the translated C# code and last compile time so that the RTC knows when it needs to refresh objects. In both there is an option for Forms, but when Forms are compiled no entries are generated. Is this because the RTC doesn't need to know about Forms at all, just pages?

2000000072 - Profile

Obviously this is supposed to store the different profiles that are assigned to users. My question is where are the profiles that are supposed to be provided by Microsoft? If I create a new company in 2009, or convert an existing database, they are not generated. I don't see code in the upgrade toolkit to do this.

I see in the Cronus database there are forms and tables in the 9000 range that apparently store the data. But how do I get those tables / that data? Surely I'm not supposed to export from a demo database and import them. What am I missing here? Did I skip some really important documentation or something?

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    2000000071 - Object MetaData stores the data in c#. They are not compiled. So you can export the blob and have a look.
    2000000079 - Object Tracking. keeps track of any changes that are done to the objects, so that Service tier can get the new objects.

    Yes forms are not used by service tier.

    From Profile Card you can import and export profiles from One database into another.

    Yes you need to load the objects from Cronus if you did just and exe upgrade and have not loaded the objects.
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