Transformation issues

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dear all,

i have transformed the forms to pages successfully, i am facing probelm in only one page where it is running perfectly from
Dynamicsnav:////runpage?page=page no. the form is running with all controls,tabs aligning perfectly.

but it is not working perfectly with tabs and controls alignment differently when i run from roletailored client

any ideas?


  • AmmadAmmad Member Posts: 16
    When we do transformation, there is one thing "page type" where we tell about that which kind of form we want to transform in which type of page. Check carefully that one that "you are giving right type of form into page or not"

  • damodar123damodar123 Member Posts: 36
    thanks for your reply

    i have checked that i had given in tif editor it is as document type for the document form and in list form i have given the correct card form no also

    when i have transformed it is taking page type as card.
    when i am running from run command it is looking good but when i access from roletailored client contols are looking different alignment.
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