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hi all,

i have transformed my addon successfully to NAV2009 with pages.

here am getting one issue i.e when i generate new no from page it is giving error 'code type field can not be automatically split'

but it is working fine in classis forms.what i am thinking is there is a problem in transformation of page but unable to find it out.

any ideas,



  • ara3nara3n Member Posts: 9,248
    turn on the debugger for service tier and see where it errors out. There is a blog on how to turn on debugger on service tier.
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    It looks like there is the AutoSplitKey property enabled even when the Primary key is not ending with integer field.
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  • damodar123damodar123 Member Posts: 36
    hi all,

    thanks for your repliles,

    i have checked autosplit key property it is fine

    i have enabled the debugger and want to find the problem,

    i will find it out from the debgger only

  • DenSterDenSter Member Posts: 8,277
    damodar123 wrote:
    i have checked autosplit key property it is fine
    That doesn't mean that it works correctly. Check the primary key of the source table of the page, and make sure that the last field of that primary key is a field of type integer, not the first one or the second one but the last field of the primary key. AutoSplitKey will only work with integer fields.
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