Flow Filters in NAV 2009

sudokusudoku Member Posts: 50
edited 2008-12-24 in NAV Three Tier

Can we handle /apply flow filters in Role Tailored Client as the data is displayed on pages ? Have seen filters to be applied but could not come across the flow filters.Any ideas
For ex: chart of Accounts



  • AntHillMobAntHillMob Member Posts: 79
    Yes - but flowfilters are now referred to as 'Limit Totals to'. More understandable to those users who have never used Nav before but a lit bit of a culture shock to those of us that have been using Nav for years!

    In my opinion although the new terminology is good it isn't immediately obvious where this option is. You can access it from the Chart of Account menu-button/caption at the top of the Chart of Accounts page!
  • sudokusudoku Member Posts: 50

    got it..appreciate ur time

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