Client must be in the same time zone as the server.

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I changed the time zone on the computer clock from Pacific time to GMT, and then tried to run a report in NAV 2009 (I went to Start - Run and typed DynamicsNAV:////runreport?report=50000).

I got the following error message, so I had to change back to the original timezone to run the report: "Client must be in the same time zone as the server."

I was running this on a Virtual PC, and the server should also have been on the VPC, so I don't understand why it says that they are in different time zones.
The actual desktop is in timezone GMT.

Do you know how to change timezone and still run a report in MS NAV 2009?
Alastair Farrugia


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    The Service Tier takes it's timezone when you start the service - so after changing the timezone on the VPC you need to restart the service tier.
    Freddy Kristiansen
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    Thanks Freddy.

    I got the list of services from Administrative Tools, found the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server, and restarted it, and then the report worked well.
    Alastair Farrugia
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