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I was wondering if PAGENO works for determining what page you are currently on in the NAV2009 SQL Report printing. I need to determine the page breaks between reports. I currently do this by checking PAGENO in the post trigger of a data item which wraps the report detail in the classic reports. Is it going to be accurate to use CurrReport.PAGENO for SQL reports or I have to find another method of knowing when the report content has run on to more than just one page per record?



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    Sorry for this, but I don't exactly understand what you're asking... .

    But here are a few 'tips':
    First: I posted a blog once that handled about pagenumbers and total pages here:

    When there is no report defined, the RTC (Role Tailored Client) is going to execute the report in classic mode. It means it's going to start the classic client in the background and start the report there. That way, you're still able to run your 'old' reports.

    Hope this helps you out a bit.

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    Thanks for your suggestions. I didn't realise you could just run the old reports from the RTC, so that may be a work around for me. The problem I need to solve is knowing in the C/Side code how many pages each report is.

    For example, If I print an Order Confirmation in Sales for 3 orders, the first one is 1 page long, the second 2 pages and the third 1 page. That gives a total of 4 pages assuming copyloop is 1.

    I am using an automation component to log the breaks in the pages (i.e. 1,3,4) to a file I process after the printing. Obviously in the classic reports I can use PAGENO function in the post event of a dataitem, however, when you run the SQL version PAGENO does not reflect the number of pages that the SQL version is printed on. Is there anyway to find this out? Or is there a way to run some code from the Layout?
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    When you use RDL-based layouts (i.e. SSRS reports) in the RoleTailored Client, first entire report C/AL code is executed to generate a dataset, and then the resulting dataset is fed into the rendering engine for report rendering, where all paging happens.

    During this rendering, C/AL code cannot be executed.
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    That's what I figured. I'm going to try a different tactic to solve my issue.
    Thanks to all for the fast feedback.
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