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Can you change the splash screen in 2009 to something that has the company logo in it?

Also now that the Menu Buttons have turned into Action. How would you implement this modification. Dynamically disable and enable them?
SubMenu cannot be dynamically hidden in Classic, and I would create two Menu Buttons and hide one or the other based on setup.

Also only list reports can be exported to excel in RT client.. Is there a setup in Nav report that determines that?



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    1) Splashscreen - as each time, no, there is no way (excluding modification of .exe file) - do not forget that in this time you are not connected to some service tier and it means that there is no "company" and other data which can be used to setup this...

    2) Actions - they have property VISIBLE. This property is "Expression", it means it can be some variable. If you want to do it dynamically, you need to use some Boolean variable there which will be in each case set to correct value. But there is one new thing - to use this variable in this property you need to enable new property "IncludeInDataset" on the variable. In this case the variable will be included in the dataset as new "virtual" field which will drive the visibility of this action per records...
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    1) I know it was a longshot. Just was wondering if they added this as a new feature.
    2) Thanks that works. One Odd thing I saw was that If I change the value of the global variable after the form opens up, the, the SubMenu would only become visible, once it is visible it will not become hidden when the boolean flag was set to false.

    To Toggle between true and false, I added two new action
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