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Does anybody know how to create a Outlook mailform including for an example a Orderconfirmation (just simple DOS tekst) in the mail and some text in the Subject. Maybe some mailadress to CC and/or BCC.

This command on a Shortcut is working fine, but not in a CMD-file.

mailto:[email protected]&subject=Hello%20World%21&body=How%20are%20you%2C%20John%3F

Maybe the way is to print the Orderconfirmation in a textfile and put the information in top of the header and then make a little program to activate to read this textfile.

I told the customer that it should be better to upgrade, but they are not interested until now.

Anyway..its still funny to work with 3.56 sometimes... :D
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  • Yaroslav_GaponovYaroslav_Gaponov Member Posts: 158

    May be so or with some other outlook's parameters:

    outlook "mailto:[email protected]&subject=Hello%20World%21&body=How%20are%20you%2C%20John%3F"
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    To make an mail from Navision 3.56 we have made a litle ad-on program, as we call X-mails.

    It is a small program that we run after we have printet a file to the folder c:\x-mails.

    We get the e-mail address from ex. the customer, and can automatically send the mail from ex sales order.

    It sends a mail using even outlook og outlook express.

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    Bjarne Bilstrup
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