3.53 server on XP netbiosproblems ?

CanuteCanute Member Posts: 4
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How does one get the 3.53 to run with Netbios on a XP as a server

We have tried to set the Enable Netbios over TCP/IP in the WINS settings, but it doesn't seem to work.




  • jmjm Member Posts: 156

    have you checked the LANA number (Client and Server) for netbios interface. Navision works only with LANA number = 000.

    Have a look here: http://www.mibuso.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=9781&highlight=lana

    Otherwise you should upgrade to 3.56. There is an exe called servern.exe/navin.exe, which was made for Windows NT, and this works under Windows XP as a server/client.

    Josef Metz
    Josef Metz
  • CanuteCanute Member Posts: 4
    Unfortunately I can't find the LANACFG.EXE. I have now requested it from Microsoft.


  • Torben_R.Torben_R. Member Posts: 99
    Navision 3.53 (16-bit) cannot run on Windows XP (32-bit).

    The client programme for 32-bit is NAVIN.exe and you need a licence for Navision 3.56a to run it.
  • hschmidhschmid Member Posts: 2
    you can run navi2 with netbios on windows xp, but it support only LANA number 1, so when you have more than one network cars/connections, it can only communicate with the first one, otherwise you have change the registry values with REGEDIT manually.
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