90% offtopic but 100% important!

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Does your Windows pc/server spend 99.9% of the time just using cpu-time on “System Idle Process”? Well, you’re not alone…

Why not use the free cpu-capacity to find a cure against cancer?
You can easily install a process running at Low priority, so you will basically not notice you have installed it. Every time the cpu otherwise would “run” the idle process, it now instead does vital calculation for a great purpose.

Look at www.intel.com/cure for more information.

Well, did I mention the 10% on-topic? It’s if you at the same time wants to show your devotion to Navision, your are all welcome in the team called “Navision devotees against cancer”. (It’s a bit tricky to find it, but sort on name, and then around page 31)

PS: Hi Webmaster, It could be great if you would post this on the main page. Then I'll set www.myNavision.net as the team's homepage... :-)

Best regards
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