Invoice cancel or reverse transaction

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Hi, every body

If there is a mistake when input the invoice ( from invoice receipt or invoice out / billing ), for example someone was taken a mistake when input the quantity or price which are invoice at that time .
for this case no need to use credit memo transaction.
How to process it.
I have Navision 4.0

Thanks for the coorporation



  • johnson_alonsojohnson_alonso Member Posts: 690
    Dear ABM,
    have you tried to use journals available in navision either for vendor or customer and using minus sign in the qty field ?

    Johnson Alonso

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  • ABMABM Member Posts: 4
    Dear Johnson

    thanks to reply...

    Sorry,is it possible to cancel or reverse invoice transaction without to make another journal
    if we look at in the general ledger entries ( customer or vendor ) ->function -> reverse transaction but does not work

    thanks to coorporation
  • johnson_alonsojohnson_alonso Member Posts: 690
    I think it's only credit memo and using a checkmark in exact cost reversing before make a reversing that could be used beside journals.

    Johnson Alonso
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  • ABMABM Member Posts: 4
    Dear Every body

    Can you help me, please refer to bove question

  • Alex_ChowAlex_Chow Member Posts: 5,063
    You can't undo an invoice. In your question, you said that credit memo isn't needed, however, using a credit memo is highly suggested. Just use the copy document function to reverse your original invoice.
  • radianisradianis Member Posts: 49
    Hi ABM,

    I understand that your client want to have 'a clear invoice'. You can tell your client that mistake they made can not undo after posting. But you can make a clear invoice too, by creating credit memo using copy function from invoice, then create a clear invoice. But you will have 3 customer ledger entry in your customer card, I think that the normal consequences.

    My opinion, try to pursuade client about this. Not all problem could be best solved by programming, sometime you need to be more pursuasing. My suggestion use logic reasoning. I think you know what to do to tell your client..

    cheers ..
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