How to manage special items?

shanna1shanna1 Member Posts: 76
Hi Guys!

Please can someone coud give me ideas on how to manage this scenario in Nav4?

I need to manage few things such as: Space allocation; promotion; Transparency; contributions…

An agreement is sign with a supplier where all conditions are written:
product that they buy ( ex: Transparency, space allocation,...); validity dates ( start and end dates); Bin number ( for space allocation) that they buy ; quantity ( units of transparency,...); Terms ( i.e: 50/50 means that our customer pay 50% of the invoice and the supplier or manufacturer pays the othe 50%), so terms are usually split between our customer and the supplier.

We need to be able to:
- Invoice the manufacturer or the supplier each month, after 3 months, or by year ( depending on the agreement).

- We need to have a report that can show total cost to invoice per supplier for total stores ( as sometimes the supplier may have those products in different stores).

Thank you to give me some inputs on that especially in terms of how to set up those "products " ( like items, resources, GL or items charges) and how to manage them in Navision.
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