invoiced qty is empty in item ledger entry for output entry

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Dear All,
I have a problem relate to item ledger entry, entry type is output, especially in column invoiced qty and cost posted to G/L column in the value entry, about why they are emptied after I post consumption and output journal either for product and raw material. the flushing is manual.
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tks for your attn.

Johnson "SDW" Alonso


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    Run adjust cost routine. This will fix the costing. After that run post cost to G/L routine. This will post the code to GL.
    Ahmed Rashed Amini
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  • johnson_alonsojohnson_alonso Member Posts: 690
    I can't run adjust cost routine because I have set up automatic post costing and expected post costing in the inventory set up. and for entry type consumption, it shows filled in the column invoiced and cost posted to G/L, or if it is output, will it make difference?
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    Dear All,
    thanks for visit and view my problem and give a little bit solution. I have solved it by my self. The guide to solve it more detail is in the manufacturing costing manual.
    I just can explain simply about the solution here that is invoiced qty and cost posted to G/L will be filled after manufactured item (product) has been sold, new entry type created in item ledger entry and then in value entry, cost posted to G/L and invoiced qty fields will be filled ((-) sign). For purchased item, the invoiced qty and cost posted to G/L will be filled either after purchase and invoiced and posting from the production order consumption journal.

    Johnson Alonso
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    Dear Johnson Alonso,

    One of my client (Nav 3.70) also facing the same problem. They want to know how this issue occurred and how to prevent them from happening. They are using average costing.

    You have mentioned that once you post Sales or Purchase for the item, the system will fill the Invoiced Qty and Cost Posted to G/L.

    How about the items produce for stock keeping (no sales or purchase)? How to solve it?

    Please advice. Thank you very much.
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