What's Navision's Problem?

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We've just purchased Navision. The program has many strong points that convinced us to go with the product, but to me, one of its weak points is the lack of online user support, either official or unofficial.

A company today must have online forums for users to share information. It saves the company support costs and encourages the user community to more fully utilize the product.

As for a new name, choose anything that doesn't have Navision in the URL to keep the lawyers away. Put the appropriate disclaimers on the page and see what happens. As long as it can be found on the search engines, who cares about the URL.


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    I do not know why Navision have a problem - This just makes us upset with Navision Software A/S.

    The most funny part of it is, that the www.navision.net was earlier a forum - Then the hoster of that site, wouldn't do it, and then Erik (The moderator of www.navision.net) got a agreement with Navision Software, that they would host the www.navision.net site. - I went there yesterday - but today it's gone - Maby they just wanted to get controll of navision.net ???

    It really Pisses me off, that Navision act like this - I my self are a Navision Solution Developer, working with a Navision Solution Center in Denmark - But I guess that they just want all of us (NSC's) to call the NSC Support, and not helping each other, and getting ideas and inspiration.

    Henrik Helgesen
    Navision Solution Developer
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    Hmm - Just did a little research: - Note the last updated!

    Navision Software A/S (NAVISION7-DOM)
    Frydenlunds Alle 6
    Vedbaek, DK-2950

    Domain Name: NAVISION.NET

    Administrative Contact:
    Palmvig, Karsten (KP3965) [email protected]
    +45 45 65 50 00 (FAX) +45 45 65 50 01
    Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
    UNI2 / Henrik Bo Hansen (UNI2-DK) [email protected]
    +45 77 30 10 01
    Fax- +45 77 30 10 00
    Billing Contact:
    Palmvig, Karsten (KP3965) [email protected]
    +45 45 65 50 00 (FAX) +45 45 65 50 01

    Record last updated on 29-Dec-1998.
    Record created on 29-Dec-1998.
    Database last updated on 5-Jan-2000 13:08:31 EST.
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