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Hello All,
We have a client that needs to have Navi open a browser window (IE), load a url and then send 5 fields to a internet page form. There are 2 option boxs and 3 blank cells on the form. After it is filled the user can click OK or we can automate that also. Does anyone have any ideas?? <img border="0" title="" alt="" src="images/smiles/icon_confused.gif" />
I have the launch IE section down. I still need filling the CGI form page. I have 5 values that need to be filled in the form. Can anyone help!!!

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    When the URL is an ASP-page, you can pass values this way: 'page.asp?name=This+is+the+name&password=mysecret'. You can probably call Internet Explorer with this line as a parameter.

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    You could use HYPERLINK to launch the IE ...

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    ODBC and a Cold Fusion server works great with Navision. Just create the url string with the variables that CF recognises and it's done.

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    The standard Package Tracking functionality does something close to what you want to do (I beleive).

    Why not check that out?

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