Navision 3.55 on windows XP

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Im trying to get this working with netbeui. And it works for some time, and then, it just wont open again.. i see a black screen, and then it returns to windows again. Anyone who can tell me why ? Netbeui installed, and lana set to 0. It have just been working..


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    To begin with 3.55 will always have issues on windowsXP, try to see if you can update to 3.56 where there was a windows version of the executeble called navin.exe. If you can not update, change the shortcut to navision to run in compatability mode for windows95, which should help.

    But maybe it's just best to install VirtualPC and setup dos 6.2 (or freedos) and let it outboot into navision. You can then move the virtual disk to different PC's when you need to update the rest of that network.

    For those of you who need to run navision 3.xx on windowsXP and Windows2003, you will need to install NetBEUI (Q301041) and use lanacfg.exe (Q138037) to reset the lana numbers. Probably this is repeated somewhere in the forums.

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    I got a 3.56 version now, but i cant use my license there. wtf am i supposed to do ? I cant buy a license nomore, anyone who have a 3.56 license i can get/buy ?
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