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JedrzejTJedrzejT Member Posts: 267

I installed new tapi provider avaya
Navision still call form old provider.

In outlook i can select provider and everything is alright. I don't find setup for this in navision.
Maybe i must set this tapi provider as default in windows.
What i shuld do?



  • kinekine Member Posts: 12,562
    If you look into Codeunit TAPIManagement, you can see that the dialing is done through automation 'Navision Attain ApplicationHandler'.TAPIHandler. It means, all depend on implementation of this library. And it is something, what knows only Microsoft or someone, who created this library.

    But of course, you can chage it to another library and try to dial through this...
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  • JedrzejTJedrzejT Member Posts: 267
    thanks for reply

    If navision does not have heve setup for this i think this dll use something like "default tapi provider". I googled for this but i can't find how change default mark.
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