Dividing Reports without filtering

stoocakestoocake Member Posts: 32
Hi there,
I am trying to program a report that summarises totals of sales information by branch, and I'd like the report to look like the following example:
    Branch | Sold | Value | Outstanding ABN... | 200 | £50,000 | 20 STG... | 120 | £40,000 | 5 HUL... | 100 | £15,000 | 0 Totals | 420 | £105,000 | 25

My report is based on the Sales Line table and GroupTotal is Location. When I run my report I get the layout I want but the values are wrong...

...eg the 'Outstanding' column uses a record count function which seems to only count the entire report instead of just the outstanding records of the specific branch


  • ngebhardngebhard Member Posts: 127
    Hi there,

    I need some more informations:
    - did you use the right TotalField?
    - did you use the right key?
    - did you use the right trigger for the output?

    Could you let me know what you used for this properties/options?

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  • stoocakestoocake Member Posts: 32
    - TotalField is <Undefined> - What should I use? I have the GroupTotalField set to 'Location' which gets me the layout I desire

    - The Key is 'Location'. Is there a better choice/should I create a new key?

    - I'm using the GroupFooter output

    *I edited my original post as I put the wrong details in..it's the record counts I'm having issues with
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