report as E-Mail NF 2.6b

alexxalexx Member Posts: 5
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How can i send a Report as an e-Mail and what is the best



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    Lars_WestmanLars_Westman Member Posts: 116
    If You want to e-mail reports and keep the formatting I recommend You to use Amyuni's PDF Converter. You can register that as an automation controller and control the filename, resolution and so on and then call codeunit 397 and attach it to an e-mail.

    For fax I think You'll find a couple of solutions doing the work for You. I have been working with zetafax, which works fine for me.
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    Christian_BuehlChristian_Buehl Member Posts: 145
    For sending mails out of Navision i use the freeware-program commail 1.3 http://xwebware.com/products/commail/
    which is working perfectly (use shell command in Navision)

    A simple and very cheap way for faxes (including OLE automation!) will be the combination Hylafax and WHFC. Boths programs are freeware. Hylafax is part of the SuSE-Linux distribution. WHFC is windows client for this nice fax client.
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