Well done Kamil Sacek

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Congratulations on reaching a major mile stone.

Kamil works in the company where I started in Navision 15 years ago. Looks like The Czech Republic is a great training ground.

By the way, Kamil did in three years what took me 10 years, so double points to him. Well done.

PS where are all you Czechs out there, please start getting active.
David Singleton


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    All of Eastern Europe is very good training grounds, because customers are so damn crazy that consultants really learn stuff fast. Congratulations to both of you - everyone who can spend 3 or 15 years in Eastern Europe with (any) ERP without getting a nervous breakdown is a real hero :D

    Just a story. A friend of mine (of a different company) localized Lansteinar Retail, and you know there are these small LED-screens with long legs that show the price and product name to the customers on POS. And it could display only ASCII characters. So what did the friend do? When he discovered it, he looked around and found it can also display bitmaps so he created a new font set out of bitmaps and map it to Navision/LS every character to a bitmap... when the guys from Iceland saw were completely amazed, said "I can't believe you were willing to do it..." and he just shrugged "Better than listening to a yelling customer."

    I think you both are similar guys - we are usually similar or leave either ERP or Eastern Europe :D

    Do It Yourself is they key. Standard code might work - your code surely works.
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