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Greetings All,

Its me again. I would like a few opinions about the following situation. An organisation is the head of a franchise. They currently have +- 30 franchisees in the country. They want to use Navision to keep track of the individual franchise companies. Although its a lot of work, Consolidations between these companies will allow this information to be grouped into one central place for reporting.

The problem is the inter company Transactions. These transactions need to be offset against each other before consolidation is done. This will prevent us from owing money to ourselves.

It looks to me like these inter company transactions need to journalised before consolidations are run. Is there a field on the FGeneral Ledger Entries that Identifies a record as inter company? Or is there some other way this distinction can be made?

Is there a quick way to generate these Journal Lines?

Are we going about this the completly wrong way?

Thank you for listening.


Craig needham
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