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grigri Member Posts: 87
does anybody has any idea about the nav costing exam on 4.0 version?
any hints, suggestions, examples of questions or something would be very appreciated.
thank you


  • oleschjoetholeschjoeth Member Posts: 74
    It would actually be nice to know the price - so please somebody :D
  • abhishekjain333abhishekjain333 Member Posts: 3

    I recently cleared the Costing 4.0 exam. I did go through the following for the preparation:

    Inventory Costing 3.70

    Manufacturing Costing 3.70

    Resources and Jobs

    (Reading from 3.70 would and did suffice for clearing the exam).

    I'd suggest one reads Inventory Costing first to get the hang of hoe Costing is done in Navision and thereafter Manufacturing/Jobs Costing would come rather easy.

    Please do go through the batch jobs and reports as mentioned in the study modules above.

    Best of luck.
  • TomasTomas Member Posts: 420
    I've registered to take Costing Exam for NAV4. However, while reading study materials I've noticed, that they are pretty basic. If to think of any costing related problems, you can find more solutions here in this forum, then in these study materials.

    However... probably if you have the basics from study materials you will do less mistakes?

    I am just thinking about that it might be more beneficial to read all entries on this forum with "costing" problems, then to take such exam.
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