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Hi all,

Does anyone have any hints or practice questions for service management (similar to what's available for financials)?

Thanks a lot!



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    My biggest hint is: study the material and practice on a local Cronus database. Then when you have specific questions, you can ask them here.

    Welcome to mibuso, and Good luck on the test :D
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    If someone still need advice and stuffs about service mgt exam either questions or file, just mail me. I've recently passed it with > 90% score.

  • sennasenna Member Posts: 44
    im taking the service mgmt exam this week, all i can say is read up on the manual as much as you possibly can. I'm finding the more I work through the modules, the better understanding I get about the whole concept of service management.

    seems fairly straight forward so far - time will tell i guess :lol:
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    My view on service management, It's useless. You have Service items that are copies of Items, You have no process to handle returns, There is no links between warehouse management and service management. There is not WIP if you use items to fix the service item.
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    Most the examples are based off of the manual. Just read it and memorize it. You should be fine.

    Regarding the usage of service management, for the customers we implemented, it did its job to perfection. There are more features to be desired, but certainly not deal breakers.

    It's a different mentality as a typical distribution or manufacturing company. But that's off topic. :mrgreen:
  • sennasenna Member Posts: 44
    Having just passed Service Management at the second attempt :? all i can advise you to do is read through the manual, practice all the functionality and ensure you know how everything fits together in the module.

    It was better for me when i'd been through the manual a couple of times, everything seemed to make a bit more sense, but maybe that's me :):wink:
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    I have done several implementations of service management, I think that the standard software is a good base, but every client has a different perspective on service management, each site has used diffferent granual combinations to suit there needs.

    This section of Navision is the most heavily modified in my experience, to suit the customers needs, its not bad but you should always consider it to be a good starting point! :wink: :-k [/list][/quote]
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