Access to Oracles PL/SQL

Alexander_BerneggerAlexander_Bernegger Member Posts: 4
edited 2000-03-04 in Navision Financials
Hi out there,

a customer want's us to access some tables in an oracle8i database and transfer this to the financials Database in some sort of import table and then to process the uploaded data with standard C/Side methods.

The upload have to be triggered from the financials application.

Any suggestions ??

Is there any possibillity to get access to the methodes of the
PL/SQL packages inside the oracle database ?

Thanks in advance

Alex Bernegger


  • John_TegelaarJohn_Tegelaar Member Posts: 159
    When using the Navision SQL Server version, you can use Stored Procedures to transfer data from Oracle to SQL Server and from there do the conversion to the format of the import table in Navision. For automated transfer you can use Server Agent Jobs to invoke the stored procedures.

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