Navi 3.56a - Editing a downloadfile (*.mak)

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Navi 3.56a - Editing a print- or template, file called .mak

Navision 3.56a and connected HP LaserJet printers, the local workstation holds a few files, for instance "invoice.mak", and Navision is set up, somewhere in design and printer definition, to use this file as a "download file".
This file is some sort of template which unfortunately includes company relevant information and my problem is that I have to edit this file but nobody seems to know how and I can not find anything on a Navision relevant file type called ".mak".
(Removing the file works fine but the invoice just look a little naked.)
Not beeing much of a Navision expert yet, I am not sure if this is a Navision issue at all.

Anyone out there who can help?


  • MaykolMaykol Member Posts: 11
    I don't have any MAK file in our NAVISION. #-o

    It is possible it is a macro file (makro) because you are using it with HP printers that normally they use PCL language interface.

    Have you checked your printers objects? If there would be a spool command or order, external file, etc... it is so possible these commands are calling for your invoice.mak. That would means that MAK file could be designer by HP application (check printer documentation and installation CD).

    Sorry if I can not help better... O:)
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    Thanks Maykol

    It's very likely you're right about that.
    Unfortunately the system has lived through 3 different company ownerships, so know-how and documentation is awfully hard to find.

    Today I tried to remove the file from the workstation and also remove the line, calling for the file, from the printer object, expecting just the amounts, numbers etc. from the invoice to print, but actually nothing was printed.
    I could have sworn I had already tried that.
    Anyway, that indicates you are quite right on your assumption.
    I have to come up with a solution within the next 2 days, so I'll try to chase that HP documentation.
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