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CarlosCarlos Member Posts: 21
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Is it possible to access Navi 3.56 database from a HTML file?
How can I do it?

Thank you,

Carlos Adrian Martínez
[email protected]
Carlos Adrian Martínez
[email protected]


  • joe_bradshaw2000joe_bradshaw2000 Member Posts: 17
    This version supposedly supports C/FRONT and ODBC according to this wikipedia entry: ... ision_3.56

    So there have to be some pretty good ways of doing this. Here's a particularly stupid, inefficient and unsecure way that I can think of straight away:
    * Build an exe that polls for a file and uses c/front or odbc to access navision
    * Since your exe is polling for a file on a windows system, you need samba on your Linux system to map to the windows directory
    * Use PHP and Apache on the Linux system to build a web page that saves off appropriate files for your application to consume on the samba-created share.

    You can probably just use c/front or the ODBC to save to the DB from an ASP.NET webpage. ASP.NET with the navision ODBC is probably the first thing to try.
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