E-Mail creation with MAPI or Outlook 9

Stephan_FehrmannStephan_Fehrmann Member Posts: 3
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I think it is a known problem, that you can´t set more than 1000 characters in a MAPI-Email-body. So I tried this with Automation under Outlook. It works fine with this automation-control, but now I´ve a limit of exactly 1019 characters in the email-body.
If I gave 1020 characters to the body then following error occurs (german error, but I translate) :
"It is not enough space in C/AL stackmemory to continue this activity."
Financials adviced me to close not necessary applications, but
this not the solution. I think it´s a general problem.

Exits a workaround for this problem or make I a mistake?

Stephan Fehrmann
[email protected]


  • Michael_WeigandMichael_Weigand Member Posts: 14
    I had the same problem this week. When I realised the size limitation for the body using MAPI I tried automation. I assumed that there won't be such a limitation, but there was. Now I'm sending the body as attachment.
  • rsprsp Member Posts: 1
    If you need to send large bodies in e-mails, have more than one recipient, attach more files and so on, please see "ExpandIT MailIT" in the download section. It will allow you to send message bodies >> 1000. A general description (and other tools) are available at http://www.expandit.com
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