Navision Users?

CarlosCarlos Member Posts: 21
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Hi all,
What's up? Am I the only Navision user in the world?
I have been waiting for a long one exclusively Navision forum, and now there is one.... there are no members!

I hope members appear soon.

Best regards,
Carlos Adrian Martínez
[email protected]


  • pdjpdj Member Posts: 643
    Nope, You are not alone.

    But apparently nobody got any questions to it anymore :-)

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  • abramabram Member Posts: 1
    Oke here is a question. How can I use the € sign in NF. When I use by fonts ALT+0128 ist is not working, when I use the keys from the keyboard it is not working, whenn I ask other people how it works in NF nobody knows it May be somebody has a suggestion to use the € in a easy way

  • AdministratorAdministrator Member, Moderator, Administrator Posts: 2,494
    Please note that this section is for questions about Navision only. For Navision Financials, there are other sections in this forum.
  • JohnHillJohnHill Member Posts: 1
    I agree. I have been looking for a good group to exchange information with.
    As a network administrator, I am responsible for the Navision security as well as creating reports for the accounting department. I have found some solutions and a lot of questions. I hope that this group will be more productive that the site.
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