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Hi all

How about an area for Navision documentation? Both docs created by Navision/MBS, but also created by users/developers that have aquired some kind of deeper knowledge in a specific area in Navision.

A lot of documentation must exist out there. :D

So, if you have used time to "dig" into an area in Navision, and have created documentation for it, that might be of interest to others, this is the place to post it.

Also maybe to some degree "How to's" could be included? :-k

My idea of some examples of hypotetical files/documents that could occour in this area:

- Navision Sales & receiveables (2.00)
- C/AL reference Guide
- Advanced lot handling (3.60)
- Inv Cost Management (4.00)
- Understanding posting setup (2.60)
- Understanding Posting Setup (4.00)
- Using Autmation Controls (3.60)
- Codeunit 22 torn apart 8)
- Functional diagram of C80
- The potential of Codeunit 1
- How to: Specific Lot handling only when purch & Transfer orders
- Understanding value entries (3.60)
- Understanding the "Post Inv. Cost to GL" report
- How to create a third global dimension
- Locking in SQL
- etc etc

Looking forward to comments

Best regards


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