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edited 2005-11-15 in Navision DOS
Anybody knows how is possible to use the symbol "" in Navision Dos?

Now, the problem is when I try to use it, it disappears and if I am inserting it in the middle string, the rest of the string disappears too.

I think it is like to use ECHO OFF command.




  • PrebenRasmussenPrebenRasmussen Member Posts: 137
    You can never use "@" on the screen because it was used for some color control.

    If you want to write it on a report just use any other character that is not likely to be used in any text i.e. "¤" or "§" or "`" or whatever!

    Then in you printerdriver change the chacter of that particular one above to the value of "<64>" (in words: Less than;6;4;Greater than).
  • MaykolMaykol Member Posts: 11
    I am using # and changing the ASCII value on reports.

    Thanks for your help.
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